Municipal Irrigation

Per ordinance, City shall operate the system previously owned by the New Plymouth Water Users Association within the boundaries of the City limits of New Plymouth and as such shall provide for the distribution of irrigation water to the residents of the City based upon the shares owned through Farmers and served by this system, which shall include the conveyance of irrigation water through the public streets, avenues and alleys of the City, and the construction, maintenance and operation of the Municipal irrigation system within the City limits. Each property owner shall furnish pipe and valves required for the service connection, at his own cost and expense, together with the necessary excavation and replacement for the installation thereof.(Ord. 393, 5-20-2019)

For a full description of the city minicipal irrigation system, responsibilities of the city and irrigation users, plese see the MUNICIPAL IRRIGATION SYSTEM ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEW PLYMOUTH. (Ord. 393, 5-20-2019)

Note for water share irrigation users:

Please be advised that your annual maintenance fees are designated for the upkeep of the open ditch areas within our community. It is important to note that while we diligently maintain these communal irrigation channels, individual customers are responsible for the maintenance of the pipes running from the street into their respective properties. By collectively contributing to the maintenance of open ditch areas, we ensure the efficient and effective operation of our irrigation system for the benefit of all users.

Your cooperation in upholding these responsibilities is greatly appreciated as we work together to preserve the functionality and reliability of our irrigation infrastructure.

Thank you for your attention and ongoing support.

- Public Works Department, City of New Plymouth

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